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Some non technical musings on why I think EV's might be a good idea. The DIY crowd is not the target audience since you are already "converted", pun intended, but I wouldn't mind hearing your thoughts. These are mostly responses to some of the anti-EV FUD I see on the net, hopefully laid out in a simple manner for the general public. More thoughts to come as they enter my brain.
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Well written and succinct JRP
For what its worth, my day job has me commenting on blogs and their effectiveness for a living (among about 1000 other things)

We have tested colors and layouts extensively, and if you want it to say "Hey you can believe me, come on in and read what I have to say" go with blues ('Best Buy Blue" works best for us) lots of white in the background and black text.

"Flip flops" where the text is lighter then the background causes readers to report being "tired" after reading for a spell.

Again, much respect for taking up the mission, hope the feedback is well received and that it helps.
Much appreciated input from an expert. I do love that green on black though, but I will keep it in mind. If anyone else is feeling tired, not just from the content, let me know. I tried to use a larger font to make it easier.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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