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My EVolution and entertaining happy thoughts / was raffle motor

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--- Rod Hower <[email protected]> wrote:

> --- Jim Husted <[email protected]> wrote:

> Jim,
> You put a lot of time and effort into these motors
> and
> are one of the critical players in making all of the
> new EV records!
> Here's another idea, you put together a nice 8 or 9"
> motor and raffle it out on YOUR paypal account!

> I may be a cheapskate and acquire many many of my
> parts free like you mentioned earlier, but I would
> be
> willing to risk $20 to win one of your motors.
> Heck, with only 200 people playing your raffle you
> would have enough money to by a Zilla for YOUR own
> EV
> (and the chances of winning would be pretty good
> :).
> I think everybody on the list would like to see 'the
> motor guy' get his own EV.
> So, what do you think? a raffle for Jim Husted to
> help
> him get his own EV on the road!
> Perhaps if you hit a goal of x dollars you could
> include the cost of shipping and handling using part
> of the raffle money.
> Rod

Hey Rod, all

Honestly this was a fun idea to entertain but would
need control stops like an independent body to do the
drawing and would probably need rules written and
probably subject to a host of local or state laws.
Holding it for a non-profit group is one thing but for
a for profit? Just seems one bug could spoil the
whole bag of jelly beans, so to speak, lol. It'd
probably make me feel like I raped 200 people out of
their 20 bucks as well, LMAO! Anyway it made me all
gooshy inside reading your post 8^)

As for me and my EVhood I'm moving up the evolutionary
ladder 8^) I may be the motor guy but I still have a
lot to learn. Honestly before Wayland I was niether a
race fan nor EVen very automotive 8^o

In fact my first EV (I found a small 250 watt motor)
was a little scooter and it worked great testing it at
the shop 8^) but fried after 15 minutes of my daughter
riding it 8^( I see this plume of smoke mushrooming
out of the poor little motor 8^o So even being the
motor guy I geared it wrong and burnt my first motor
up 8^o LMAO It sucked so I try to help people not do
what I did 8^)

Needless to say I'm starting small and working up as I
learn. I also fall into that void of occupation /
hobby overload, kind of like why you never see a
carpender finish their own remodeled bathroom. Not
quite as fun hammering on stuff after you've done it
all day ;^) Added to this is that for any dollar
spent buying me EV parts it could be used to buy the
shop inventory and or tooling to better serve and
research motors etc, so it's kind of a catch 22 for me

It's kind of funny but in reality I am still caught
off guard by much of what's happened in my life in the
last two years. In fact they have given me some real
lifetime achievement moments. The kind of stories you
tell your grandkids 8^) and they think you're full of
cude and you're pulling their leg or losing your mind

I actually started my shop so I'd have a little more
liesure and a slower life, LMAO. Life is about
choices and although I have other passions I feel this
is my most productive and useful area to focus my
energies on right now 8^)

Maybe some day I'll be famous enough to hold my own
Hi-Torque invitational 8^P and I'll raffle me off a
big old fat daddy motor to "cover" the expences (AKA
Jims new Zilla or Rudman charger) 8^o

Anyway your emails just tickled me to death knowing
people care 8^). Just had to chime in and post some
thoughts from my end.

Had fun
Jim Husted
Hi-Torque Electric

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