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My First attempt to build an EV

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Please see the video. Click the link below to see my first attempt to build an electric car. The car would go 48 MPH and it had a range of about 40 miles with only 6, 12 volt batteries. The motor ran too hot and I am now starting over with an AC50, 3 phase motor and controller.
Best of luck to all of you. May we all build our dreams and bring new things to light.
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Hi, and welcome to the forum. I found your videos a while ago and mentioned this forum, and advised of the undersizing of the motor. The AC50 seems like a good way to go, although it's a bit expensive. If I can perfect my DC-DC converter then it will be easier to use standard three phase motors and controllers as I have done on my little tractor project:

Good luck on your new conversion. :)
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