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This marks the beginning of my first EV conversion. Ive just bought an MR2 as a donor vehicle for $380. Theres also a spoiler included. Why so cheap? Well, the motors bottom end has blown not that Ill need it. Also, the car has been deregistered and would require recertification. Since its being converted to electric, it needs certifying anyway. The bodywork is all original with only two minor scratches but the interior needs a bit of attention.

The cars going into storage for 3 months until I have the time and space to start work. The preliminary budget is $7000 to get it pristine, not including motors and batteries. Im looking at 6 12 months project build time.

Donor Car: 1990 Toyota MR2 Targa
Battery: 192x40Ah Sky Energy LiFePo4
BMS: 16x LTC6802 BMS DIY built. CAN bridge.
Motors: (tentative) 2x ABB 9.2kW 132M aluminium frame 230V/400V D/Y AC induction motors.
Gearbox: DIY 3:1 reduction drive smooth toothed belt pulley direct on to half shafts. Goodyear EP power transmission belts. CNC made pulleys. Integral motor frame.
Motor controllers: 2x DIY based around Microchip dsPIC30F4012 and 1200V/160A IGBT 6 pack modules. Space vector control based on Microchip's app note. Regen braking. CAN bus.
Charger: DIY 2400W full bridge offline SMPS - probably PIC based. CAN bus.
DC-DC Converter: DIY 400W flyback SMPS.
Human Interface: Embedded computer running Linux. LCD touch screen. Many software options. CAN bus.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Sports car Coupé

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Coupé Toyota mr2

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Coupé Toyota mr2
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