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Hello I just joined.
I am relatively new to the idea of owning an electric vehicle.
I want to convert one myself for the benefit of my kids. Not just as a matter of trying to do my part for the planet they will inherit but also to show them that sitting back and saying "it's too big a problem for me to make a difference" just doesn't cut it.
Of course there is my wife... and if I can't show her that an EV is attainable at a reasonable price she won't let me hear the end of it.
So with that in mind the idea of converting our exisiting sedan is the best option.
At this point my best thought was this Electric Motor Works conversion kit for our 99' BMW 323i. I like the car and feel the kit will give me what I need as I travel 80km a day for work.
However, I am no expert and this was the first solution I cam across. Which brings me to this forum...
I plan on taking the winter to sort out the best method for conversion and hopefully get things going next summer.
I will have to go through posts here and see what other information I'm missing and how to go about my project.
My first call to my insurance company (The Personal) was a straight rejection which means I'll have to find another after the conversion.

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