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My Hybrid Conversion 99% done - NOT a Prius - Any thoughts

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Hi all,

I had the idea of adding an electric motor to a car about 12 years ago. I didn't wont to remove the petrol engine due to range concerns just add an electric. Recently everything lined up as far as money, time and having a suitable car is concerned and it is now very close to complete. Here's the parts rundown

Car: Toyota Estima 1992
Electric motor : 9.8kw series DC (out of a fork lift)
Controller: Alltrax SPM 72400
Batteries: 6 x 110ah lead acid
Curtis 6 pot box

The motor is fitted in the back of the car directly above the diff. Pulley fitted between the diff and the drive shaft. Running B section v-belt between the two through a hole cut in the floor. I've never seen it done like this before.

The plan is that the car will have 3 running modes
-Petrol as normal
-Petrol with electric assist (whenever)
-Electric, with the petrol motor idling in neutral keeping the power steer and brakes all good. Engaged at speed, push and glide style of op

Im so close to finishing I'm getting butterflies. One idling pulley to machine and the pot box mounting bracket to fab n fit and it's done. I don't know how it's going to go, if at all. Should do, well that's what I've been telling myself since I started :)

Look forward to your comments, thanks for reading.

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Hi, I did the same thing in principle, A Toyota Dyna with a 9" forklift motor mounted to the diff by a 12mm plate with a chain drive via a pulley between the tailshaft /diff flanges. Worked ok but one thing to consider is the ratio . If you exceed the high rpm for your motor the armature will disintegrate. Mine was appr 2.4:1. Direct drive 1:1 ratio has been discussed in various posts . I no longer have the truck but I will find pics for a later post.:cool:

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Yes, I calc'd all that out when I bought the pulleys so I can drive at 110km's (68miles hr) At this speed the drive shaft will spin the motor at its top rated rpm. I'll soon find out if the electric motor is any use at this speed, maybe as an assist, but probably dormant. I doubt it will push the car very well at that speed on it's own. Time will tell. cheers
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