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a new charger alone is not going to increase range.... just charge time.

Adding capacity to the battery pack (or replacing with one of higher capacity) and making the electronics/wiring more efficient is about the only way to get more range (aside from stripping off weight).

if you want more range, get lifepo4 and lighten it up. With lifepo4, you'll need a new charger, batteries and potentially a BMS system (I wouldn't run without at LEAST something that'l avoid overvoltage and undervoltage.

those cells you were looking at for $3600 are way too expensive. Thats $150 a cell, plus shipping. You can get them elsewhere for much less, and get better batteries.
Hmm, thats really something I didn't want to hear. While I can afford to buy a charger right now I was going to wait a while( as long as I could) to switch to lifepo4 batteries. I'll have to get creative and see about stripping weight.

So a smart charger won't increase range at all?

Great buy! I'm in the process of building my own EV Bug. Check out a lot of the info my website for the decision's I've been making (go back to the first few posts to see lots of data).

Awesome :) I will check it out

Anyone have any links to range extended hybrids? I really want to figure out how much engine I need and how to wire it up. If I needed a larger engine I could use diesel and run it on veg oil. Also could have it powering a hub motor on a tow behind. That could help increase my top speed while increasing range. I would prefer to keep the engine inside the engine compartment. Anyone point me to a wiring schematic or any other info?

Thanks everyone :)
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