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N00b about to buy a glider.

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Hi folks,

Well, I'm going to take the plunge! I've run the numbers and an EV makes all the sense in the world. I live 3 miles from work an EV will satisfy 95% of my driving needs.

I also have the advantage of working for a battery company and can get a really good price on deep cycle batteries. A lot of my co-workers are interested in the idea and can offer lots of advice and expertise.

I look forward to picking the impressive brains I've found around here and hope to have my EV rolling next spring!

My glider is a 1991 Nissan NX1600 for $250. I've already picked out the vanity plate - PBH2SO4. (I know, too nerdy)

Dave in Des Moines


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"glider" usually means a car purchased from the manufacturer without engine and transmission.
See? I'm learning already. The nomenclature is all new to me and the wiki doesn't have a glossary. I'll probably insert my foot into my mouth a few times more!
Hey Dave!

I'm in Cedar Rapids, a noob also. ...Wonder how many Iowans are here?

Hiya John,

I don't know how many Iowans there are, but a lot of people are very interested. I can see a club springing up pretty quickly.
I figure we break even here in Iowa - not many hills to worry about, but the winters are cold.
The car is actually in pretty good shape once you remove all the dead leaves and branches. I was a daily driver last year, and the majority of the rust is just bubbling under the paint in a few spots. I'm looking at battery and motor combinations that will give me 20 miles and a top speed of 50/55MPH. I'll never take it on the freeway. Any motor suggestions? I'm still struggling with the 6V vs 12V question. I can get some 6V 120AH batteries for $68 each. What kind of speed can I get from a 96V system? My pack weight would be 976 Lbs.
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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