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Subject: Electric Drag Racing - NEDRA 10th Anniversary National Event in
Portland, OR - 8/17/07 and 8/18/07

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: NEDRA 10th Anniversary National Event 8/17/07 and
8/18/07 at Portland International Raceway - 6PM till Midnight.

Roy LeMeur
NEDRA Northwest Regional Director
[email protected]
The National Electric Drag Racing Association
NEDRA 10th Anniversary National Event 8/17/07 and 8/18/07 at Portland
International Raceway - 6PM till Midnight.

As our 10th anniversary event approaches, NEDRA is experiencing
unprecedented interest in electric drag racing.

We will have the largest group of battery-powered drag racing vehicles ever
in one place competing against each other and against gasoline-powered cars,
trucks, and bikes on the dragstrip. There will also be a large group of
electric vehicle enthusiasts with their daily-driven vehicles on display at
the track.

This short list of recent media coverage of NEDRA speaks for itself and
provides much more information-

Front page Wall Street Journal article 8/1/07-

AP article from 7/30/07 featured in USA Today-

Four-page article from May 2007 Car and Driver Magazine-

Two great videos from the AP at NEDRA's most recent event-

Here are a couple of examples of NEDRA's battery-powered competitors-

The "KillaCycle", the world's quickest electric vehicle.
8.168 seconds @ 155.74 mph in the quarter-mile.
Vehicle Owner- Bill Dube'

The "White Zombie", the world's quickest street-legal electric vehicle.
11.466 seconds @ 114.08 mph in the quarter-mile.
Vehicle Owner- John Wayland

Come and see electric vehicles beat gas cars at their own game on the
dragstrip. NEDRA racers spend pennies recharging their vehicles between
rounds and our vehicles run quicker and faster as the batteries warm up
during the charging and discharging process. There will be a good variety of
race vehicles, conversion EVs on display, electric bikes and scooters.

Portland International Raceway website-

For additional information on this event please contact Roy LeMeur or visit See electric drag racing videos at

ABOUT NEDRA - The National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA) exists
to increase public awareness of electric vehicle (EV) performance and to
encourage through competition, advances in electric vehicle technology.
NEDRA achieves this by organizing and sanctioning safe, silent and exciting
electric vehicle drag racing events.

NEDRA is a coalition of drag racing fans, electric drag racing vehicle
owners and drivers, individuals interested in promoting the sport of EV drag
racing, EV parts suppliers, EV manufacturers and other environmentally
concerned companies and individuals. Working together as a group, we put
excitement into electric vehicle drag racing.

Roy LeMeur
NEDRA NW Regional Race Director
[email protected]

- END -

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