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Hi guys :)
That's my first post so hello to everyone!

I'm thinking on making my own conversion.
So i contacted motors manufacturer and they sent me an offer.
The question is will it do the trick?

Thats Elprom zem series MOM three-phase asynchronous electric motor.

rated power 55 or 75kW
maximum RPM 3000
mass 360 or 445 kg

My biggest concern is the mass...
Will it be too heavy?
Should i look for lower power models (although the smallest one (30kW) weights 225kg).

What kind of inverter do i need to power this and do you think it will be compatible with the inverters on the market ?

I can provide links for additional info if necessary :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Terror,

Those weights are far too great (unless you are converting a 40 tonner) have a look at the motor thread

A car motor should be in the 45 - 100 Kg range
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