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Hi there
I am at the beginning stages of converting a Hyundai accent to a hybrid vehicle. I have reasons why I chose to go with a hybrid instead of a full electric vehicle. My plan is simple - power the AC motor with a generator. I calculated that I'll need an 11hp motor at minimum (I used the 6-8 hp per 1000lbs calculation).
The problem is that I already own a brand new 7.5hp (5.5kw) Baldor AC induction motor (the MVM3710C-50). I've never even taken it out of the saran wrapping it came in. It's too heavy (135lbs), not powerful enough, & 400v at 50 hertz. All wrong for my needs. Baldor does make a motor that would work and it's even $150 cheaper (the M3312T-8). It's 10hp but I figured out how to loose some more weight off the car. The shipping costs prohibit exchanging it through them though and so far I can't find a local company willing to trade with me (I said that I would even take the loss - I just want to trade motor for motor). I can't sell the motor for enough money to buy a new motor that would work and I can't figure out a way to make the motor that I have work for my needs.
Any suggestions?
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