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Need an isolator for my heater and DC to DC. Ideas?

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I am getting some error codes and I need to isolate my Tesla battery fluid heater and my Vicor DC to DC converter from my battery. I tried using some diodes but it didnt work.

The problem is that my car wont charge with the heater or the DC to DC is connected to HV battery power. If I disconnect them it works fine.

Any ideas on a HV power isolator?
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I may not understand your question entirely, but what if you put a contactor in between the battery and your auxiliary devices? Then you can set up charger to open the contactor when it's plugged.

Isolating DC-DC exist, but it's going to cost a fortune given the required voltage and power capabilities.

Can you elaborate on type of battery and charger that you're using? Are you getting particular error code from the charger? In tesla all the auxiliary stays on during the charging session.
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