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Need Batteries for a 1978 ComutaCar

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I am purchasing a 1978 ComutaCar.
The car uses & NEEDS 10 6-volt Golf cart (Flooded deep cycle) batteries.

My purchase has me cash strapped, I do own a line of credit at wallmart.
I have been told & found on numerous online posts that wallmart has great prices on Golf cart batteries.
However when I contact wallmart they are not sure what I'm talking about.
Does any body know the model number for a recommended Golf cart wallmart battery?

I am hoping to spend around $50-$70 a battery on credit...

Does any body have any advice on SPECIFIC batteries via Wallmart, SamsClub & or Costco...
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When I was looking for floodies Walmart's biggest was a DC27 marine at 105 or 115 AH. They've disconinued warranties for deep cycles though, so I stuck with the others I had seen at Sams. Sams was full of idiots but after 3 months and getting several managers involved I got a set of DC29's (125AH for $75 ea). They also have a number of golf cart options or optimas etc.

My DC29's give me 26 miles at 50% DOD in a VW bug running 120V.
I do not believe Walmart has what you need. I think the only deep cycle they have is marine deep cycle and you don't want those. If your located near us I have 96 volts worth of 6 volt floodies that are still good for $30 bucks a pop. 2 years old and plenty of poop left. GC2 6volt Flooded Golf Cart Sam Club batteries. Not the top of the line but better than marine floodies.

Pete :)
Thanks for the Info, I truly appreciate it. This is my first Ev.
Where are you located - your used floodies sound like a good deal to get this ride rolling. I'm in North Hollywood CA. 323 253 3309

BTW - one of my first cars was a 67 Bus - Nice EV!

if anyone else has any advice --
I'm still on the hunt, open to suggestions & very green as this is my first EV.
Need 10 decent used 6-volt flooded batteries asap

Need 10 decent used 6-volt flooded deep cycle batteries (Golf cart batteries) in CA. asap
Please call me (Mac) 323 253 33090
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