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I am an amateur in EV and would like to know if there are any sort of conversion kit that is as similar as the specification attached below. My Budget is less then $8000 so i was wondering where can I order the kit. Preferably the power had to be around 80-120 kW and i planned on buying a limiter if the torque is too high. Also do tell me about other components such as the type battery capacity output etc. Regarding the Motor which is better? AC / DC ? I know that there are brushless ,brush , induction and etc. and i would like o know which is better and can last for a mileage of about 300-400 km per full charge. The connection of the wiring which better shunt or series connection?

The Vehicle is like a pickup van and should be noted that it is a 7 year old vehicle. It is also a 5 speed manual transmission. Since most EV run on 2 speed transmission should i change it? any recommendation?


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