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Need guidance on choosing parts

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Me and some friends are building an EV (not a conversion) to take part in a competition. The competition prioritizes efficiency over speed, so the more distance we can cover in a single charge, the better. Here is some information about our car design:-

1) It will have only a single seat

2) There will we two front wheels, and one rear wheel (Rear wheel drive as well)

3) The weight of the car will be approx 80-90 kg including the driver (He weighs 50kg :D)

4) The battery should be Lithium based with a nominal voltage of 48V, and 1kWh.

What I wanted to know was what kind of motor should we use? A BLDC , PMAC, or 3 Phase AC? We aren't allowed to use the motor controller that comes with the motor, it has to purpose built. Any help on that would also be appreciated. Also, any information on the battery management system ? Does it come with the battery or does it have to be built?