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Start with rule of thumb: weight of car divided by 10 then times the range expected gives you the KWH you need more or less. Some cars better ,some cars worse but good starting point.

Motors are rated max current for a length of time or more technically watt hours because they get hotter than you can cool at max current. However techinically they are a dead short starting to turn.

They are also rated for a voltage you shouldn't exceed due to potential flashover. This leads to PARALLEL battery packs for the KWH you need for range.

Battery selection is generally ruled by how much space you have for them which is why pick ups were the early adopter choice. You just get more or less range. My 16kwh pack gives me 40 miles in my ranger, so it is basically city use

Not to worry, the google search engineers will be along soon to tell you how wrong I am
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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