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need help fast!!

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ok so i bought 12 chargers like gav did on his converion.

theres no way back as their tooken apart so thats not an option( returning them)

their 12v 6A ACdelco chargers

i started testing them before i installed them and some charged, some made clicking noises and refused to charge, but sometimes when i move the ones that refuse to charge in different locations between the chargers they work. so far i got six to charge my 72v, but the other 6 i havent got past 48v

i have 2 72v batteries, one under the hood, one in the trunk parreleled to eachother with a contactor to isolate them once the key is outo the car

so pretty much i need 2 72v 6A chargers one for each( back/front pack) and i have one of them working, the other 6 i havent gotten them ALL to qooperate (YET)

my guess is that theres some saftey contactor or something in the charger but i cant figure out why they dont work because they are each getting 12v like they are supposed to???

any suggestions would be good :)
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so now i igured out that when i move the acctual chargers around randomly( same wiring i mean litterally move the charger left and right) the little contactor inside switches from on and off. every charger is like this...
Are they isolated from chassis?
How did you mount them?
Can you post some pictures?

Why did you take them apart, did they work before you took them apart?

My guess is that your new mounting is causing some ground fault issue. Or, you have bad connections somewhere.

What's the part number for the chargers, got a link?
"so pretty much i need 2 72v 6A chargers one for each( back/front pack)"

It almost sounds like you are trying to wire them in series-each charger needs to be hooked up to it's own 12v battery. Send us a picture of your wiring if you can.
the chargers ARE in series that should be ine many peole have done that before ev-propulsion

they did the same thing beore i took them apart, but i thought it was just that one charger that i tested.

they arent mounted in the car, their in my basement along with 6 12v batteries, i took them apart to save room as half the charger held the jumper cables, the connections are very simple, andi have over checked them over and over and they are good.

heres my charger:,r:2,s:0&tx=71&ty=13
the chargers ARE in series that should be ine many peole have done that before ev-propulsion
That doesn't work thats why you aren't able to charge.

Most every modern charger needs to "see" a battery to turn on, so add some wiring into your setup, even if you keep them wired in series put a little 24 guage link from each battery to each charger, most of your current will still go through in series but a small amount will shunt off keeping the chargers happy.

Not to mention there is nothing wrong with each battery being charged individually.

usually the point of individual chargers is that it keeps the pack balance just about perfect. Putting them in series would defeat that purpose and usually costs more than a higher voltage charger which you are trying to make....
but i wouldnt be able to charge each battery seperately i thought? if i have 6 batteries in series, and six chargers each going to one battery, wouldnt the chargers short eachother out and not charge?
and it cost me less i made sure of that before i did this.

and i dont quite understand what you mean by connecting them so they "shunt"
PROBLEM SOLVED! thank you so much for the help i truly feel like an idiot ahaha

ill post pics and vids of my progress i should be painting it in a few weeks
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