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Hello all, any advice on how to get max power from a DMOC 645? We do have ccShelll and can modify anything, we just don't know which settings to play with.

We want to put more amps through, but seem to only be able to put about 260 through. (We're using the EVTV GEVCU to see how many amps but its a little flaky. Working on a better solution.) In any case, max nm has been 306, and its possible that the DMOC has a 306 limit in the software.

We are using the Siemens 1PV5135-4WS14 and a full Leaf pack. Its all great, but the previous rev of the DMOC 645 had a max power mode that was dropped in rev 2. And, AZD never published a manual for rev 2, AFAIK. What settings in ccShell should we adjust to get the most from it?

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