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Need Help, Going to buy Headway's fo the Big 13 Pulling tractor

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Need Help, Going to buy Headway's for the Big 13 Pulling tractor

Looking for help and advice.

Well, the money's put aside and we are ready to buy 104 Headway 38120P batteries to power the 13 inch motor in the pulling tractor.:D

I'm looking for the best value since I'm retired. The $2000.00 or so is a big chunk for me so I have to get the best value I can.

The 72 volts we tried last season just didn't do it (of course the bad gearing choice I made didn't help:eek:).

100 batteries for the tractor and 4 spares. (the 4 will probably be used as a 12 volt control battery)

We plan to go with 50S 2P to start off this year and next year we will be adding 50 more batteries as we prove out the systems and home made controller until we reach a total of 200.

Looking for advice from people who sell and/or who have bought Headway batteries.

I can wait a while since pulling won't start until May of next year. I'll also be building a Simon/Jack charger and we are looking at various balancers.
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you need a balancer or bms, or "cell shield" type bms devices, little pcb's that connect to every cell and make sure its not overcharged, and when its near full, use a transistor/resistor combo to bypass some of the charging current, untill eventually all of them are full/passing all the charge current trough the resistor, and thus balanced.

the cheapo way is to connect all the cells in parallel, and charge them all at once, a good idea to do once before assembly, charge all the cells to the same level, that would balance them out quite nicely already.
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