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I'm just playing with 12 cells (10ah) at the moment for testing and the plastic blocks are "delicate" I don't think they would hold up on their own, but they do a pretty good job of aligning the cells for assembly and then use some form of banding and the bus bars to hold it all together. You should also go big on the bus bars, the last thing you need is to loose any of that precious power in connections.

I do agree that you should probably do your best to up the cell count, my "sporty" conversion will use 630 or 720 of the 10ah headways, on an 11" motor. Your 13" motor and 100 cells seems like a bit of a miss-match.
In my case 630 is the minumum cell count to get the most out of the controller and that is still using the cells upto their peak (15C for the 10ah) Perhaps the small lead cells (Hawker??) that White Zombie used before switching to lithium might be an option, I don't know anything about them though, just a thought.

What kind of HP/torque are the gas pullers putting out? Electrically before losses/motor efficiency your 100 cells have ~85hp I'm not sure how quickly your wheels get up to speed but if you only have 400 motor amps at speed that would probably be 130-160 ft-lbs on the 13" motor but probably not at very high rpm. I could be wrong but I was under the impression that for an application like yours the smallest motor that can handle the power you are putting in is a better way to go. So until your batteries masively overpower the motor you are just hauling around dead weight that could be batteries.

On the other hand seeing a small tractor with a 13" motor would just be cool, good luck and show them what an EV can do!
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