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Need help selling a conversion kit with lithium batteries

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I have a great set of lithium ion battery packs and other components that I just removed from my converted motorcycle. The packs are in perfect working condition, but the motor on the bike seized and I didn't want to replace it. Instead, I am looking to get rid of the parts and start a new project.

I really have no idea where to market these parts, and I am willing to sell them at highly discounted rates. Please let me know if anyone is interested or if you know where/how to sell these. I can email pictures if anyone is interested.


1) The battery pack: Lithium ion cell type 18650 (2ah). They are placed in a cell with 50 in parallel and the two 50 packs in series. Each pack carries around 8 volts, and I have ten of them. I originally had the bike running at full charge of 83 volts. I know they originally cost me over $4000 for the total set. I am only looking for a fraction of that price. The batteries were always monitored and they never spiked or heated.

2) Sevcon 80V controller. Part number PP 784. No issues with the controller at all.

3) Zivan 72 volt battery charger model NG1. Includes all wires, connectors and extended length charge indicator light.

4) Magura twist grip potentiometer with second matching grip.

5) Empro 500 amp 100 MV shunt.

6) 250 amp CNN fuse

7) Curtis Albright SW80B contactor

I also have all the wiring and terminal connections to wire all the batteries.

Basically, I have a complete conversion kit capable of a 82 volt system minus the motor.
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