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need help with a throttle

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I'm a relative newbie and am stumped.. I have a KDH14650B Kelly controller and the controller seems to work ok (no blinking red light error codes..) but I need a little help.
I'm pretty sure that I have the controller and everything wired right, but when I step on the throttle...nothing happens. I tinkered under the hood and when I lifted one of the throttle leads, the motor went to full throttle. It was on jack ill effects other than the need to clean out my shorts...I'm using a 2 wire I need a 3 lead instead?
Kelly sez they don't support the old program on my model of controller, I was thinking I might need to re-configure the programming....any thoughts?

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I have never used a Kelly controller but in general if you put a digital voltmeter across the two potentiometer pins that are connected to the controller, you should see the voltage rise and fall as you move the throttle. It think it would be safer to use a test light as a load rather than the motor until you get the throttle figured out.
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