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Need help with conversion in santa cruz ca

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Hi all

My EV guru has had to retire for health reasons and i'm stuck trying to find someone to hire to help figure out charging issue with 1962 MG Midget converted (96v lead acid deep cycle 8-12v batteries) I've had it running for 10 years then 2 years ago had a minor accident but took until now to get it back on the road but my K&W charger failed suddenly and the Delta Q I replaced it with won't go into "float" mode and faults! I can't figure out what I'm assuming must be wrong with the Powerstride 27tm battery pack I purchased new last year. I was able to drive the car at first but can't charge the pack ... (have only charged each battery separately with a deep cycle 12v charger) any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Mary - Are you just requesting a mentor in person or hoping someone could troubleshoot for you here on the forums?

If you'd like help troubleshooting, ask some specific questions, the community is generally pretty good at helping and walking people through stuff.
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