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Hi all,

I need a shunt for my EV conversion but I don't know which shunt I should purchase.

I'm going to have a 96V 250ah 20.8 kWh system (4 24V 250Ah 5.2 kWh Tesla batteries) with a Zilla 1K controller (1000 amps, max output: 375V, max input: 348V). I'm thinking about purchasing a 1000 amp 50mV shunt and a multimeter that is also 50mV.

I'm wondering if I'm over doing it with the shunt's amperage. Is there a lower rating shunt that I should get...maybe 500 amps or even lower?

All suggestions are appreciated.

IMPORTANT: if I choose to purchase my meters first, what's the minimum amperage for my shunt so I don't purchase meters that have too low amperages?
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