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Need Some Help

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Hey, me and a few friends wanted some insight on how an electric conversion would work and cost. We have 3 ac-35 motors with 3 Curtis 1239E-8521 Controllers. For our project we would like to find a 4 seater preferably a sedan or coupe. What cars would you recommend and also what is the peak power and torque of a system like this? Cost? Lastly how many miles would we get depending on the batteries and which batteries would you recommend.

Also how would a car with this system handle? how would the Center of gravity be?
Also some examples of cars we have been thinking about are the g35,g37, bmw 3 series(preferably the e90), and some of the older car ( preferably mercedes,pontiacs,ford,etc)
How is rwd,awd and fwd with these motors
we don't want anything too heavy like the Chrysler 300 or anything over 4000lbs
lastly what other motors do you guys recommend? i've seen things like the am racing motor but i find it hard to find the controller for those motors.
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You have the motors and controllers. Unless you have bags of money, use them. Power is the sum of the motor(s) power you put in. Torque is the multiply of the gearing and the sum of motor(s) torque you put in. Unless you run through a transfer case, stick to 2wd. You need to pick a car and define your skills before the rest can be answered.
Okay so me and my friends are new to evs and thought it would be a fun project. So yes we do have all 3 motors and controllers but what we have also have is a warp 11 hv but with no controller. we got all of these motors and controllers completely free. So what would be my best choice
So my car selection would be
Mazda RX-8
1991 Honda Accord
2002 Lexus GS 300
2004 BMW Series 3 330i

Yeah i know its a wide selection but the mazda and bmw have blown engines. the honda and lexus have high mileage thats all.
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