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Hi everyone, new here, but hoping that I can get some help on purchasing a fleet of EVs and then becoming a very active member when things start going wrong :)

Anyway, I am looking to start a cheap, green, around town transport company. The EVs would be run ALOT. I am thinking I need at least 6 so I can have four at a time out runnning and two on the charger waiting for when others get low on buddy who owns a gem car said that maybe I could just get multiple chargers/batteries and just change this realistic?

The main reason I felt compelled to write is on EV make.model suggestions...I alreadt have the six seater gem car in my sights, but I figured you folks may know something I dont. Is there something better than the Gem? Or is that the gold standard of neighborhood use EVs? Are the later model years significantly better or is a 2003 the same as a 2009?

Thank you so much in advance. I really look forward to hearing some educated opinions!

Steve M.
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