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Not really, the tabs are at their limitations on 2P unless you make a link to connect the P groups across 3 modules.. They need to be substantial but They only keep the P groups balanced. You could join 3 modules together in 3p and series then to another 3 modules joins at cell level. You can take a number of cells easily from the modules you have plates to keep the pouches together .
As you can see from the first picture, 2P makes the module tight for joining the tabs. Unless you ultrasonically weld them your stuck with solder as spotwelders do not work. Making it a 3P will simply not work. I removed the redundant copper tabs from the faceplate and widened the openings to fit the tabs through. The redundant tabs make ideal clips to hold the pouch tabs to solder them.

Picture 2 shows linking 2 modules to make a 2P 16S module, they are side to side as I plan on mounting them to give maximum exposure to the cooling plates. But you could stack differently. As long as the pack is balanced it will pull evenly through the series connectors so the P group plink needs to be good enough to allow group balance if there is an uneven load on the S connectors. The danger being is if you have a S connection the load will increase across this link. You have the option of making it a) fusible or b) big enough to carry a fair amount of power. It would be worth measuring the internal resistance of each 37S before doing this as if one is considerably higher you need to rectify that before making the P connections. 3rd picture shows each leaf of the module after the tabs have been separated. Each hold 2 pouches either side of an aluminium heatsink. So when together 2 pouches are in contact with each other on one side and against the heatsink on the other. When you remove the pouches you are left with just the trays picture 4.
If you revert back to picture one, a 2P has 4 tab connections and uses the heat sinks as they were intended. Making them 3P would require extending the tabs.


1 - 3 of 41 Posts
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