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Needed: CHAdeMO Receptacle / Inlet

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I am looking for a DC fast charger vehicle inlet, any brand, new or used. Please respond to this thread if you have one to sell or know of a purchasing channel. I only need one right now, but will consider ordering at some volume if the price is right.
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I'm not sure where you can get a used one, but I purchased a brand new charge port from my local Nissan dealer (just order one for a Leaf). I believe the part number was 296B13NF0A.

It was just under $600, but it comes with both the Chademo port, J1772 port, and a nifty little cover that goes over the whole thing. As an added bonus, it comes with the charge cable ends pre-installed (although you will probably need the other end of the connector if you don't want to splice).

You may also be able to find a used one at the junk yard, but if the Leaf has been hit in the front, then odds are the connectors are probably no good.
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