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Netgain Controls Warp-Drive Controller Manual

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I acquired a Netgain Warp-Drive 160v/1000amp controller on the used market. The person I bought it from did not have the manual so I didn’t know the pinouts for the main wiring harness. I contacted Netgain Motors and was informed that Netgain Controls was actually a different company and it is no longer in business. Despite that, they were able to send me an old copy of the first generation manual for that controller. But that manual was missing some documentation on some wires on my version of the controller.

Does anybody have a copy of this controller’s user manual? If not, do you happen to know the purpose of the brown and purple wires in the main 10-pin harness?

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Hey, I've been following your VW Bus build on Reddit.

Can't help but, keep up the good work!
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