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new AC motor

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hello all
we told you about a month ago that we were designing an all new ac motor, not a rewind.
well we just got the specs back from the engineers this afternoon.
here are some of the specs.
50 hp
72 volt ac
full load amps 390
full load torque 150 ftlbs from 0 - 1800 rpm
nom eff. 92.4%
temp rise at s.f. load 71c
break down torque is 372 ftlbs.
diameter of shell 13''
length of shell not including shafts 21'
there will be c-face end bracket on each end
isnt water cooled
at 150% of rated load total amps are 602
monday we will work to getting the end brackets worked out, bearing sizes,shaft sizes and lengths,
these are some of the basic specs.
we will also be getting the specs on the 84 and 96 volt units also.

we have visited with a few companies that produce ac controllers and have spoke with other companies about adding an ac contoller to there line of products. so far all of the ac controller we have enquired about will work,just make sure they have enough amp ratings.

kevin constant
topeka electric motor
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thanks major
21 feet is a little long, 21'' is correct.
we will be posting the total cost in a couple days, we are still working out a couple of issuses like we stated, there will be some weight differences if we use a steel case and aluminum end brackets or cast iron case ans steel end brackets.

thanks kevin
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