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Hey Guys, My name is sam and I convert cars for a living. I converted an Audi S5 to all electric, using a tesla motor, and full tesla pack. I split the motor and inverter and created a custom gear reduction, that then powers all four wheels.

Here is an article talking about that build.

But anyway the point of this thread is to let you guys know that I developed a display to be used in electric vehicles. Its purpose is to give any vehicle an OEM look, as well as all the functionality you would expect from an OEM car. So it will display all the relevant vehicle information such as speed, rpm, battery state of charge, instant power, etc. It also has a dynamic range that changes based on how you drive as well as an effieicny graph to see how well your driving. It also have a built in navigation system that also shows you all the charging stations in north america, making it easier to plan trips. It also has internet, bluetooth, TPMS system, internet radio, etc. It can also display any and all error messages that can be sent over the canbus.

You can get more information and see pictures of it at my website

I hope you guys like it!
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