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How much hp do I need to get a top speed of 100 miles. The car will be a vw golf.

I will have a 14400 ah capacity battery.

Can someone please recommend a motor?

What range will I get at 55 to 60 miles an hour?

Also, can someone also give me a list of components I need for my conversion.

Thank you so much!
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That is a lot of ah. I can go 100 mph with my 200 ah pack, but 14000 ah may be a bit too heavy.
The motor is good. Some will say you don't need a bms, some will say you do. I would say you do. Your pack btw, is 115 volts, 400ah, and 46kwh,
I have hever heard of aj electric car with 14000 ah. Earlier you said that you were going to use 72 200ah cells that were 3.2 volts each. To use a 35x2 double motor with 72 cells, you will be wiring 36 groups of two parallel cells into a string of 36 cells to get 115vdc each group of two cells will be 400 ah. To see how many ah your pack will be, multiply 115 vdc times 400ah. I was once new to building EVs and understand the confusion, so if you need further help with understanding how many ah you will have, let me know and I can further clarify.
I would hold off on buying anything until you get a firm grasp on what you are going to build. I would suggest organizing a complete parts list for the entire build before buying anything as well. I was taught by an expert on here to draw an entire schematic of your car., and I thought he was nuts, but it forced me to see the big picture. It sounds like you could really benefit from a few hours of reading about other peoples builds on here, the wiki here, and evalbum. You will be glad you did. If you have questions, keep asking... I know from experience what it is like to be new to EVs, so I will answer everything that I can.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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