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Hey all
I'm in the process of setting up a new company in Hampshire, UK to convert classic cars to EV. We have access to funds from a sponsor and verbal commitments from some launch customers wishing to have cars converted. We need to assemble a small team together later this summer to bring the company to life. Our ambitions are starting small, perhaps running two conversions in parallel, with a total throughput of around 6x cars in the first year. We'd like to then build it up from there. Who knows there it would go?

We have commercial, financial and design skills covered, now we need some hands-on technicians to come on board in full time, part time or even just "advisor" roles for those wishing to help a new cottage business get off the ground.

If you're interested, please private message me, I'd love to chat more. You'll need to have proven experience in EV conversions and be ready to roll up the sleeves in all technical areas and disciplines: Electrical and mechanical.

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