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New EV educational Not for profit

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Electric Transitions Development, LLC

ETD is a not for profit group for research, promotion, and education of emerging technologies related to electromotive transportation and interconnection with solar, wind, and other renewable power. We are currently setting up the non-profit and moving into a 5700 sq. ft. shop in Kent, Washington. The majority of our board of directors, and much of our management/administrative staff, are female & minority stakeholders.

For over thirty years, a somewhat quiet but dedicated cadre of individuals has been developing and promoting Electric Vehicles and renewable power. It is the function of ETD to bring these pioneers together in an appropriate facility that will foster growth and development of the technologies and to promote them to the public while educating technicians and the public regarding their use and function.

There are now federal mandates in place requiring every government body, from the smallest school district to the military, to examine and reduce their carbon footprint on a cradle to grave basis for every product that they use. There is finally real impetus for these governing agencies to adopt the conversion process to help achieve a reduction of their carbon footprint.

We also realize that there is a near complete lack of universal electric vehicle technician education programs. It is our intent to use the conversion and prototyping of niche market EV power-trains to achieve the dual goal of educating electric vehicle technicians and cross-training mechanics and electricians in a broad course of familiarity with electric vehicles.

Once we get our basic shop setup and established, we will be hiring for certain instructor positions. Until then, resumes may be submitted to either Tom True or Roger Wright. For the most part, we will need technicians with a broad EV background and specialized knowledge of such systems as batteries, battery management, electric drive and control systems, and system interface with existing in-car systems. As time goes by and we get our automotive program fully set-up, we will be adding alternative power generation technologies and teaching an inter-related course of study.

Electric Transitions Development
Roger Wright – Technical Director
[email protected]

Financial support provided in part by:
Tom True - C.E.O.
[email protected]
Additional support and consideration provided by: IEBW Local 46 Kent, WA
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts - my resume. :D

There's a good amount of knowledgeable people up here in the northwest. Good place to be setting this up. Cheers.
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