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i've been interested in electric power cars for a long time. My plan is to build a dual electric engine for my 91 mitsu mighty max pickup. the truck is lightweight. the innovation comes in when i want to make it self sufficient ie, the batteries do not have to be charged, or they are continuously charged thru use of high performance alternators, small gas powered generators, capacitors, as well as an accesory belt system to hold it all together.
I've already removed the engine from the truck. still have to find two viable electric engines for sale. I really don't know where to start. the truck is small and light but im looking for 400lb of torque or so 400 hp as a basis. These numbers may not be possible. any recommendations for engines gladly welcomed. also what rpm ranges are possible, and is it possible to have one powerful engine for low speed/1-2 gear and what would a good motor be for that, also what motor is good for top end speed. I'm completely serious. Any pointers/replies appreciated! thanks
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