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New from Vancouver WA. 63 galaxies conversion.

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Hello all,

I’m really attracted to the idea of taking my 1963 air ride galaxie lowrider, in the direction of full electric. I’m familiar with the hyster motor swap and the dual core 3 phase ac swap that is done. I’m curious what other heavy (4000#) vehicles have been converted and what did you run into issue wise?

Also, if they use dual core motors as direct drive rear axles, why not do front and rear live axles? I’m very new to electric motors but I feel like 4 motors would be better than 1 or 2. Please shed some light on this for me.

Budget is pretty large. Around 40k over the next 2 years. So don’t be shy about suggesting higher priced motors or set ups.

On to the pics. Sorry about the quality, the iPad camera isn’t as good as the billboards would lead you to believe.