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New Green Vehicles Moose Van Help with motor/controller addition

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I've come across a Green Vehicles Moose (small van) from 2008 or 9 that is the complete vehicle minus the motor , controller and batteries. The current owner purchased it after Salinas factory closed. It was complete but unassembled, and the previous mentioned components were on a pallet. Weather got the best of them and were junked. so I am hoping someone can give me some info on what it had and possibly an easy bolt on solution as all holes and mounts should be there. It does have the differential. The only info Ive found was that it had a Greatlands AC 20kw motor and controller and was 144v. I think they are NEV but read they can be EV. Greatlands is proving impossible to get any info from and seem to have lots controller issues anyways. Though I guess they must have low pricing as a draw. I imagine however that since 2008 other makers have popped up, tech advances have happened and now I might not be limited to Greatlands only. But without original I dont know things such as bolt patterns or orientation shaft sizes, etc... that I think are necessary to plan buildout.