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New Guy Alert!

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:eek: Or should I say "Old Fart Alert"... and I'm an official "F.A.R.T." Father's Against Retarded Teens!

Hi, I live in Los Angeles and I have been wrenching on cars and trucks since I was about 8. First attack was replacing the heads on my fathers 1964 390 Merc. I was fascinated with all the parts and icky black holes and carbon and just the mess of it all. I'm hoping to try to do without the mess as I convert my brain to wrenching on electric power :/

I hope I can find the power within me to rid my life of grime. If I cannot, I will still go electric, but if I start jonesing I might find myself smearing just a tablespoon of icky stuff on the outside of the electric motor.

I have already decided that I will have to make a recording of a supercharged gasser and play it through loud speakers when I convert my '23 t-bucket! lol

p.s. does anyone want to buy a 1954 365 Cadillac V8?


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