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My name is Keven, and I live just south of Boyd, Tx. (northwest of the metroplex)

I've been reading a lot about DIY electric car conversions, and came across this site. I am very excited to start a project, but I'm not very confident on my knowledge of electric motors, controllers and such.

A little about me;
I have built/restored a few cars in the past, mostly older cars. A few model A hot rods, 50s and 60s cruisers. I learned some mechanical skills from my dad who was a mechanic for 40+ years.
I was a member of the 798 pipeline welders union for a while, and attended their school in Tulsa to get certified in Stick/TIG/MIG welding.
I also worked as a machinist for 6+years running and programming CNC mills and lathes. I currently work as the manager of the engineering/CAD department for a A/C compressor bracket manufacturer in Fort Worth and have access to our machine shop to make all the parts I would need for this project, so that's nice.
I am looking forward to learning from this site and starting a project. I have a 1960 Ford truck that has a bad motor, I was thinking it might make a cool ev!


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