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Hello all, new here and new to EVs in general, I was a car mechanic for 10 years and have built a few projects so I am good with my hands and pretty good technically. I started doing research the last few days and I'm seeing alot of information coming in really fast and want to get my finger on the pulse here. I want to see if my ideas hold any water or if I'm way out of left field here.

so first of all I want to convert a mk2/3 Volkswagen jetta or golf, I think gutted they come in at around 2k lbs.
I want to retain the original manual transmission I will worry about adapter plates and mounts once I have a motor chosen.

Ive been looking at 3 phase 460VAC elevator motors specifically LM29669 40HP 3600RPM 160Z ODP 230/460V 3PH 60HZ ELEVATOR 70C 1.0SF RIGID Its a 40 hp 3600RPM motor. Would this be powerful enough?

My second thought was could/should I use a prius inverter. there are a few in my local junkyard and for about $100 it would be a steal.

this is my starting point. Am i on the right track? completely lost? let me know what you guys and gals think.


Adam D
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