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New guy in Phoenix, AZ, USA

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Hi All, newb currently living in Phoenix. Have been in and around the software industry for about 20 years, tend to build (ok START building) things like car projects, video games, animation, etc. Recently started converting a go kart as a first electric project with the girlfriend. It's just for doing burnouts, hopefully at events like Cleetus and Cars. Also a longtime VW enthusiast--nicest project I ever did was a 1975 Rabbit autox car--so I expect we'll have some road-going conversion at some point. My father is also a software guy, retired, but started life as an EE, so I get to ask him the fundamental stupid questions. :) Looking forward to asking less-fundamental stupid questions right here! Thanks in advance!

BTW, I'm angusmf everywhere (here, email, github, youtube, etc.)
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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