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Hey everyone, I've got a weird one for you.

I semi-recently got my hands on the best little microcar, a Charly Camel, made by All-Cars. Well, the previous owners didn't like the 50cc motor, so they welded in a pocket bike engine and generally ruined a perfectly good car. I'd like to fix that, and I think the car would make a perfect little EV.

Thing is, I'm on a budget. Before I dedicate myself to a possible pipe dream, I'd like to know what I could expect to pay to electrify a little car like this. So, about the car:

1.It probably weighs >300.
2. It will never need to top 50mph, travel more than 40 miles on a charge, and will probably never carry more than one passenger and some groceries.
3. It has 3 wheels. It was shockingly stable, but that's likely because the engine bay is directly between the two rear wheels. I'm not largely concerned about what type of battery it uses, but I need to be be able to mount it underneath the car and technically exposed.
4. Its basically a fiberglass cockpit mounted on a triangular frame, other than lights it won't be powering any accessories. Not sure if that matters.
5. It has to be able to climb a substantial hill.

I'm not concerned about getting it built, I'm handy enough and know some guys, but I'm just not too knowledgeable on the parts available or the prices involved. If I can get this little toy rolling for a good price, I'd be ecstatic.


1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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