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Hello, my name is Andrew. I'm new to electric motors, I've been a gas enthusiast for a while, with 10 years of automotive repair experience. i am now a conductor for a railroad.
I am workin on an electric go-kart project and trying to learn more about motor size and voltage controllers for such a project. I have a one man full size homemade go-kart that had a 10 horse Honda gas engine, I sold the engine to the father in-law and now i'm stuck with a motorless go-kart. Electric motor would be a good idea as I live in the city and it would be less likely to alert the local law enforcement.
I have experience in a lot of 12 volt systems from automotive, I'm thinking something in the 24-48 volt area more of the 24 volt. I'm not sure where to really start, thinking about 2 car batteries in series with a motor around the 10-15 horse mark.
Any ideas or direction on what motors would work and good places to find them would be helpful. Budget is limited but non-existent (wife thinks she can spend money better, she's probably right) had ideas of electric forklift motor, maybe too much idk, dimensions of motor around 18-24" long diameter not so much a problem, it will be rear mounted so weight is an issue batteries will offset weight if mounted in front, hopeful for 20 mph or better.
Thank you for any ideas or help.
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