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Wow, more great developments in main stream EVs. So, when do customers actually start taking order of the Lion Accent, Lion Tucson, Tesla Roadster, and Porsche Cayanne EV? I wonder if all of these concept cars (with the exception of the Tesla which appears to be a done deal) will actually bear fruit like we hope they will.


---- Lawrence Rhodes <[email protected]> wrote:


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Lawrence Rhodes wrote:
Hello All,

The Piedmont Carolina Electric Vehicle Association had its first and
very successful meeting this past Saturday at Charolotte Energy
Solutions, . We learned a bit about LionEV
from one of the partners, Mike Moore of Ampmobile Conversions. I ask
Amp Mobile to send me a bit of a write up and here is their response:

You are welcome to let all know we will be working on the first Accents
this month for a "conversion model", to start major assembly/conversions
shortly thereafter. I personally have not tested the "lionev" email
request page to see what response you will get, too busy. Someone else
is managing that web site to see what sort of response would be there.
Not the way we do business, but that's OK, he saw what he needed to
pursue the project so we can get these vehicles on the road. If anyone
has any intelligent questions, Mike will be more that happy to answer
them, preferably over the phone (perhaps after 9 pm so it will be free
for us!)

If you could also mention the <>,
Southern Energy and Environment Expo in Fletcher, NC (off I-26 near
Asheville, NC - across from the Asheville Regional Airport at the Ag
Center). There is a printable $1.00 off coupon at their web site. We
will be there with the S-10 with lithium polymer test batteries - if all
goes as scheduled the batteries will arrive just before we prepare to
leave for the show.

Paula and Mike

Ampmobile Conversions, LLC
P.O. Box 5016
Lake Wylie, SC 29710
(803) 831-1082
866-831-1082 (toll free - preferably after 9pm - EST)


Ampmobiles is a small business. They started in the conversion business
on a part time basis several years ago and are now full time
converters. What you learn, please share it here to keep the repetitive
questions down.

Mike and Paula are teaming with an someone else who is having the
batteries manufactured in China and are importing them into the USA for
these conversions. I do not know anything about these later batteries
or who their partner is. I get the feeling that the waters are being
tested. Mike had a different set of LiIon there in an S-10 pickup with
a comfortable 80 mile range. He drove the vehicle to and from the
meeting; a round trip of 50 miles.

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