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$60/kwh is amazing and in this case apparently from a credible group. A little history...

I was a regular on here from 2008-2012. After getting my build going and all the mods installed, this site became an afterthought with only an occasional visit so many won't recognize me.

At that time most of us using Lithium were using Lifepo4 prismatic cells from Calb, Thundersky. There were others but they were new or just not popular.

They mention packs costing $1200/kwh then. Well maybe in 2008 or 2009. There wasn't much around then anyway. My pack was purchased in 2011 at around $11,000 for a 32kw pack or around $350/kwh.

How many still build with individual cells? There just wasn't much in the way of OEM carmaker packs around as they were just coming out and were small packs for hybrids.
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