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First, thanks so much for all the great information and links to offsite information. Man, talk about information overload! :)

I have been considering an EV conversion project for a couple of years, but never started it. I am a big fan of proper planning, so I am in the planning stage now, hope to start maybe in the spring. You guys (gals) have been very helpful.

I have done enough reading that I think that I can accomplish my goal, so the next step is to crunch the numbers and be certain that I can do it.

SO, here' my goal, and preliminary high level plan.
I want to use my EV for:
Commuting 30 miles each way. I can either go highway or back roads, I am in no hurry. :) So top speed of 65 would be nice, but is not required, 45 mph is required. Range of 80 miles is required. That's 60 miles actual plus a 20 mile reserve. Do I need a reserve? I FEEL like I do...

Bopping around town. Would like to able to carry a single passenger plus groceries or whatever I happen to need to move around. Nothing super heavy; dog, groceries, whatever.

High level plan:
Get a kit from one of the kit suppliers
For a chevy s10 (or similar)
I have seen several small pickup conversions that look very promising.,com_wrapper/Itemid,13/
and others... :)

I need to put together all the numbers and see what I get, but I THINK that it can be done. I would REALLY like to hear what you guys think...

In the end, I want free power, so all I need to do is put a generator on the motor output shaft so that I am powering the wheels and the genny at the same time, right? KIDDING! Don't flame me, I was joking! :)

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LOL , i see you've read a couple sticky posts! :)

welcome to the forum! the range and speed you have decided upon will more than likely require a lithium battery pack. you seem to have done some reading so i will let it go at that! keep on researching and good luck with your project!
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