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At this time, the vehicle you describe that will meet or exceed all of your requirements and be ready to drive tomorrow, at a about half of your $15-20K projected budget, is a used Nissan Leaf. Unless you are particularly enamored of a certain vehicle or vehicle type, a used Leaf is the way to go.

Plenty of people, for various reasons, have chosen the conversion route. Be aware you're in for months or even years of work. Among other options, Leaf drive trains, batteries, and other components are sometimes available at quite reasonable prices on the salvage market for conversion projects. Still, a lot of skill and some adjusting around is going to be required to successfully and safely use the Leaf (or any after market) parts in another vehicle. And, The Leaf parts haven't all been successfully integrated into converted vehicles. This includes the DC to DC converter, AC control, level 2 charger, DC fast charge system and the main control system. At least the last time I looked. I suspect this will change towards full integration of parts in the very near future.

One option would be to buy a used Leaf. Then, as you get use to the characteristics of an EV in general and the Leaf components in particular, look around for a donor vehicle that would be worthy, in your mind, of converting.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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