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New member from Southern Oregon

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Greetings. I'm Steve from Ashland, OR. For many years I have wanted to restore a car and to convert a car to electric. I thought, as many of you apparently have also, why not do both at the same time? After formulating a plan to start easy with a VW Bug, I threw that plan out the window when I found Livia, a 1978 Fiat 124 Spider 1800.


Cosmetically she is excellent. Good paint and interior, new top, no rust and most everything works. Brakes and suspension need some attention but nothing serious and everything rubber under the car needs to be replaced. The engine is the weak link. It runs well enough but the more I drive the car, the more I want it to be electric. I want to spend some time in this forum before I start asking questions. For right now, I am enjoying myself and I am excited to get started.
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