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Hi all

I’m researching a conversion for my Series 3 SWB Landrover and was directed to this very helpful and informative forum.

I have begun to read up on some similar projects and discussions relating to Landrover conversions but I’ve noticed that most owners seem to retain the original drive train and just exchange the combustion engine for an electric motor.

I can understand this if the owner wishes to retain the off-road 4WD capabilities of the vehicle but for others like myself who would be happy to convert the vehicle to 2WD using the rear axle only (as some Dutch military Landrovers were), is there an option to take the drive from the motor directly to the rear axle via a driveshaft? Providing of course that there is sufficient clearance past the various crossmembers for the drive shaft to run.

One other alternative could be front wheel drive using the front axle with the reversed motor offset slightly in the engine bay to align with the front diff but I’ve not got that far with my research yet.

If not and the existing gearbox and transfer box is mated to the motor, does the gear change then become ‘clutch less’ and require the vehicle to be brought to a stop in order to select a gear to cope with different gradients and hills in the traditional manner?

Any feedback on these basic principles would be appreciated.