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Just wanted to make a short introduction here as I begin to learn from this community during my inevitable crawl toward a DIY EV conversion.

I’ve driven an old Geo Metro with 15 miles of range and Lead Acid batteries to and from high school, and loved the snot out of a 2001 Honda Insight I had in college.

While my current love is my 2015 P85D Model S we bought used in 2018 and now have over 100k miles on it, the wife has taken that over and I am looking at building an all electric conversion of my beloved G1 Honda Insight. It’s not a very popular conversion (unless removing the battery entirely or swapping the ICE in it counts), but I hope to learn enough here and make some local friends along the way to help me make the coolest looking car I know even more efficient than the way Honda sold it almost 20 years ago.

I’m also an officer for the Tucson Electric Vehicle Association and volunteer with EV events in town pretty regularly. So learning from the builds that look buttoned up and professional are where I hope to take most of my inspiration from.

I’d love to hear from other Southern Arizona DIYers and make some friends in the area. I am regularly in Ventura California, Seattle Washington, and Norway for work and family.

Happy EV-entures!

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